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Famous People Are Human

Famous people are human after all. I know that we put the famous on pedestals and see them as celebrities, stars, notables and what not. But the truth is that famous people are human beings who are as vulnerable, frail, fragile, delicate and yet as resilient and with as much fortitude as the rest of us.

 Because the famous have more media exposure than the rest of us, we do learn from them and relate to them. 
Famous People
Donald Trump

Television, radio, print, the Internet and other media help to broadcast the lives of notables at a rapid rate not known before in history.

This is why when a celebrity hits a bump in the road personally or professionally we all hear about it. Gossip, which used to be just around the water coolers, is accelerated at such a rapid rate now days via social media.

Not Superheroes …

But, as human beings, celebrities are subject to the same diseases and conditions as everyone else. Famous people are not superheroes after all.

Conditions and diseases such as cancer, drug and alcohol addiction, ADHD, mental illness and many other disorders affect the famous who may or may not want to keep their privacy about these matters.

Even if the celebs and other notables of the world do wish to keep their health and welfare matters private there are always the prying eyes of the paparazzi to deal with or jealous friends or foes who want to watch them fall.

Oprah Winfrey

Now the purpose of this website is to do two things. First, I will attempt to humanize famous people so that they are not on such a pedestal that we cannot relate to them. Second and foremost, I will attempt to help you feel not so alone if you happen to have one of these same conditions and diseases.

Sometimes it is hard to talk about one’s health problems with friends or family or even with one’s doctor. For some intangible reason, many people feel comforted that a particular celebrity or other famous notable is struggling with the same health issue that they are.

Role Models …

Famous people are seen as role models, right or wrong for health issues among other things. When Betty Ford came out to talk about alcohol addiction people applauded her courage and felt empowered to come out themselves about similar issues.

Famous persons like Cheryl Crow dealing with breast cancer or Lance Armstrong fighting testicular cancer have given hope to thousands who have the same personal issues plus their friends and families.

It is this hope and inspiration that will help many in fighting their diseases and health conditions plus accepting the realities as well. As human beings we don’t all fight and win our health battles. Many of us succumb early and many later. What is sure about life overall is that we don’t get out alive.

But what is also sure is that with a little help along the way we don’t have to feel alone in our struggles. The famous often feel reciprocal hope and inspiration with those they have helped. Celebrities will receive encouraging and inspirational phone calls, emails, Tweets and letters which also give them hope.

Mark Twain

The more mutual interaction there is, the more open we can be about our health concerns. It was once said that we are only as sick as our secrets. Famous people can help us to open up and vice versa as well for the benefit of all who struggle with human issues.

Updated October 07, 2015