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Famous People Who Have Had Strokes

Famous People Who
Have Had Strokes

Strokes are common in all kinds of people, including about 800,000 per year in the U. S. alone. Those who have suffered include fat, thin, short, tall, poor, rich, young and old people. There are many famous people including Hollywood stars who have suffered from strokes as you will see below.

Bob Barker
A study that was released by UCLA stroke center revealed that strokes or cerebrovascular accidents (CVAs) have been a major problem for Hollywood stars.

The frequency and stroke impact among some of the leading Hollywood celebrities was documented at the American Stroke Association (ASA)/American Heart Association (AHA).

List of Famous People Who Have Had Strokes

Chester A. Arthur
Mary Kay Ash
Lauren Bacall
Bob Barker
Ingmar Bergman
Candice Bergen
Ernest Borgnine
Peter Boyle
Tedy Bruschi
Aaron Burr
Sebastian Cabot
James Cagney
Cab Calloway
Al Capone
Fidel Castro
Winston Churchill
Dick Clark
Nicolaus Copernicus
Howard Cosell
Broderick Crawford
E. E. Cummings
Charlie Daniels
Miles Davis
Charles Dickens
Kirk Douglas
Clive Dunn
Louis Farrakhan
Millard Fillmore
Tom Foley
Betty Ford
Gerald Ford
Glenn Ford
John Forsythe
Jim Fregosi
Ernest Gallo
James Garner
Barry Goldwater
Billy Graham
Cary Grant
Olivia De Havilland
Isaac Hayes
Hugh Hefner
Thomas Hobbes
Gordie Howe
L. Ron Hubbard
Henry James
Rick James
Andrew Johnson
Lady Bird Johnson
Gene Kelly
Grace Kelly
Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.
Jack Kevorkian
Jake Lamotta
Burt Lancaster
Henry Cabot Lodge
Peter Lorre
Karl Malden
Patrick Moore
Richard Nixon
Alfred Nobel
Jack Paar
Louis Pasteur
Les Paul
Norman Vincent Peale
Minnie Pearl
William Penn
Kirby Puckett
Rowdy Roddy Piper
Della Reese
Oral Roberts
Jack Ruby
J. D. Salinger
Ariel Sharon
Charles Schulz
Maurice Sendak
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Aaron Spelling
Joseph Stalin
Willie Stargell
Claude Levi-Strauss
Mel Tormé
John Tyler
Gore Vidal
Abe Vigoda
Kurt Waldheim
Eli Wallach
Mae West
Ted Williams
Woodrow Wilson

Researchers have gone further to investigate the impact and frequency of stroke among nominees of the Oscar category of best actor and actress. This was done for nominees from the year 1927 to 2009. The findings were lifetime reports of fatal and non-fatal strokes and heart attacks through public records.

There were 409 actors and actresses who were nominated over the 82 year period. Thirty nominees which accounts for 7.3 percent suffered strokes. The average age of the nominees when they got their first stroke was 67.

For Different Folks …

In line with gender, more women suffered from strokes than men. This accounts for 18 out of the 30 stroke victims. The percentages are 60 to 40 respectively. Six of them which equates to 20 percent of the total, suffered from fatal strokes.

Candice Bergen

Dick Clark was an American TV icon. He was the creator and host of American Bandstand. He had a stroke in 2004. He inspired millions of individuals worldwide with his strength and finally passed away on April 18, 2012 due to a heart attack following prostate surgery.

President Gerald Ford was the 38th president of the U.S. Prior to this he played football at the University of Michigan and was a lieutenant commander in the Navy during the Second World War. He suffered a stroke when he was 87 at the Republican National Convention. Other Presidents who have suffered from CVAs include Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon.

Ted Williams was a Red Sox slugger. He ended his career after 21 years in 1960. He was later elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. He suffered a stroke in 1994 and passed on eight years later in 2002.

Tedy Bruschi

Some other who have surviveed their strokes include Bob Barker (pictured atop), Candice Bergen (pictured above), Tedy Bruschi (pictured above), Charlie Daniels, Kirk Douglas, James Garner and Hugh Hefner.

Anyone can suffer from a stroke regardless of class or status. There are many well-known individuals who have suffered from this types of brain ailments yet have lived on and been productive after this event.

Note: On August 13, 2014 famed actress Lauren Bacall has died of what is being called a massive stroke. She was 89-years-old – R. I. P.