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Famous People Who Stutter

Famous People Who Stutter

Stuttering affects how fluent one’s speech sounds and can have a huge impact over daily life. This disorder ranges in severity, but begins to develop during early childhood. Many individuals can work on their speech fluency and can limit their stuttering as they become adults. However, stuttering can become a lifelong disorder that doesn’t dissipate.

James Earl Jones
Stuttering is a disorder that doesn’t discriminate and can affect all types of individuals. Celebrities may seem like untouchable figures that don’t experience common struggles, but this is a misconception.

In fact, stuttering is a disorder that many famous people have had to endure and overcome. Speech is an important aspect of acting and singing, but many famous notables that stutter had to build their careers in spite of their disorder.

List of Famous People Who Stutter

Prince Albert of Monaco
Marc Anthony
Joe Biden
Emily Blunt
Jorge Luis Borges
Wayne Brady
Lewis Carroll
Rubin Carter
Wilt Chamberlain
King Charles I
Winston Churchill
Johnny Damon
Charles Darwin
Jim Davis
King George VI
Hugh Grant
Sophie Gustafson
Lester Hayes
John Lee Hooker
Bo Jackson
Henry James
King James II
Tommy John
Scatman John
Ben Johnson
James Earl Jones
Samuel L. Jackson
Harvey Keitel
Nicole Kidman
B.B. King
Peggy Lipton
Greg Louganis
Bob Love
saac Newton
Kenyon Martin
Somerset Maugham
Kylie Minogue
Marilyn Monroe
Shaquille O’Neal
Jack Paar
Mike Peters
Adrian N. Peterson
Elvis Presley
Anthony Quinn
Eric Roberts
Julia Roberts
Mike Rowe
Bob Sanders
Jane Seymour
Carly Simon
Tom Sizemore
Michael Spinks
Darren Sproles
Jimmy Stewart
John Stossel
Mel Tillis
Alan Turing
John Updike
Ken Venturi
Herschel Walker
Bill Walton
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Bruce Willis
Ann Wilson
Bill Withers
Tiger Woods

James Earl Jones (pictured atop) and Nicole Kidman are just two famous people that have had to grapple with their stuttering condition throughout their life. Each person affected by a stuttering disorder has different symptoms and different speech patterns. But money or fame doesn’t take away the shame or difficultness that is associated with this disorder.

Vice President Joe Biden

Disruptions is speech sounds is common, but when these disfluencies become constant and more difficult to manage, a stuttering disorder is usually identified. B. B. King is one of the most revered blues guitarists and singers, but he also had to overcome stuttering in order to reach his potential.

Everyone that has battled with this condition has faced the stigma associated with this speech disorder. Famous people are humans just like everyone else and these types of disorders humanize them to the public by showing a commonality that exists. The success of notable people that have overcome stuttering and still have managed to create transcendent careers is inspiring to all.

However, their stuttering disorder still impacts their life in the same way that it does any average person that struggles with stuttering. The only difference is that famous people that stutter have a bigger platform to promote awareness of the condition and teach others to be more tolerant of this speech disorder.

Pictured Left to Right: Nicole Kidman, B. B. King, and Julia Roberts

Nicole Kidman, James Earl Jones and B. B. King all became diagnosed with stuttering at a young age and dealt with this condition by receiving the same treatment that is available to all. They had to slow their speech patterns and gain more control over their breathing in order to limit the noticeability of their disorder. In the end, famous people must work through this condition just like the less fortunate stutterers.