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Famous People with AIDS or HIV

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Famous people with AIDS or HIV are listed on this page. Because there are so many on the list (too many to fit upon this page) I’ve hand picked the most famous people with AIDS or HIV to be listed here.

HIV and AIDS is not the shameful disease it once was. Most citizens now view AIDS and HIV as a human disease and not just something that afflicts one group or another.
Famous People with HIV
Earvin “Magic” Johnson

Famous people with AIDS or HIV are listed as both those who are deceased and those who are presently alive.

Top List of Famous People with AIDS or HIV

Peter Allen
Arthur Ashe
Howard Ashman
Isaac Asimov
Mike Beuttler
Amanda Blake
Glenn Burke
Tom Cassidy
Tina Chow
Roy Cohn
David Cole
Brad Davis
Perry Ellis
Tom Fogerty
Ray Gillen
Bill Goldsworthy
Howard Greenfield
Steven Grossman
Keith Haring
Rock Hudson
Michael Jeter
Earvin Magic Johnson
Greg Louganis
Freddie Mercury
Cookie Mueller
Anthony Perkins
Dack Rambo
Robert Reed
Herb Ritts
Max Robinson
Howard Rollins
Ray Sharkey
Roy Simmons

Former Los Angeles Laker basketball player Magic Johnson (pictured above) is one of the most famous figures to contract HIV/AIDS. In 1991, Johnson tested positive for HIV and retired for the first time. Magic Johnson was so popular, however, that he was voted onto the 1992 All Star Game and received the MVP award.

Rock Hudson (pictured below) was diagnosed with AIDS in 1984 and died a year later due to complications. At the time that Hudson went public with his diagnosis, the public was largely unaware that the actor had led a gay lifestyle in the past.

Tennis great Arthur Ashe was the only African-American male to win the U. S. and Australian Opens plus Wimbleton. In the 1980’s Ashe became HIV positive from a blood transfusion received during heart bypass surgery. Before he died in 1993, he established the Arthur Ashe Foundation for the Defeat of AIDS.

Rock Hudson

Right now there are many famous and notable people with HIV/AIDS. This is not because the disease only happens to one group or another but because there is a worldwide epidemic (and some say pandemic).

The celebrities with AIDS and HIV will hopefully show that there is hope for everyone afflicted plus this is a call to action for addressing this disease on a global scale.
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