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Famous People with Alzheimer’s Disease

Famous People with Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease is a condition in which the functions of the brain start to deteriorate. As time goes by, attributes like the memory starts to go, and a person is suddenly not able to remember where they are or what they have done.

Ronald Reagan
Other people with this disease are trapped in the past, and do not remember that they are in the present time, and have conversations with people that may have happened years before.

There have been many famous people Alzheimer’s Disease such as Ronald Reagan, Norman Rockwell, Rita Hayworth, Burgess Meredith. And, while not a celebrity, Auguste Deter was the first person to be diagnosed with this disease.

List of Famous People Who Have / Had Alzheimer’s Disease

Joe Adcock
Mabel Albertson
Dana Andrews
George Balanchine
Sir Rudolph Bing
Astor Brooke
James Brooks
Charles Bronson
Rae Lyn Burke
Abe Burrows
Carroll Campbell
Glen Campbell
Joyce Chen
Perry Como
Aaron Copland
Willem De Kooning
James Doohan
Thomas Dorsey
Peter Falk
Tom Fears
Louis Feraud
Arlene Francis
Mike Frankovich
John Douglas French
Estelle Getty
Barry Goldwater
Rita Hayworth
Raul Silva Henriquez
Charlton Heston
Charles Kao
Philip Klutznick
Mervyn Leroy
Jack Lord
Ross MacDonald
Burgess Meredith
Leroy Mervyn
Iris Murdoch
Edmond O’Brien
Arthur O’Connell
Marv Owen
Rosa Parks
Molly Picon
Terry Pratchett
Otto Preminger
Ferenc Puskas
Bill Quackenbush
Maurice Ravel
Ronald Reagan
Harry Ritz
Sugar Ray Robinson
Norman Rockwell
Daniel Simon Scott
Larry Dee Scott
Richard Sharp
Irving Shulman
Betty Schwartz
Omar Sharif
Adolfo Suárez
Pat Summit
Kay Swift
Alfred Van Vogt
E.B. White
Harold Wilson

Alzheimer’s does not discriminate whether you are a famous person or not, it can strike anyone at any time. Here is information on the causes of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Norman Rockwell

Age: Many people think that growing older means that Alzheimer’s Disease is inevitable. However, people who think that getting this degenerative disease is just a part of aging are incorrect. After the age of 65, the risk for getting Alzheimer’s does go up, but there are other factors that can play a part into whether a person gets diagnosed with the condition or not.

Plaque in the arteries: Having clogged arteries can clog up the arteries in the heart, but it can also clog up arteries in the head. The protein called beta-amyloid is inside the blood vessels in the head. Beta-amyloid can build up in the blood vessels to the point where the protein can interfere with how the brain cells communicate with one another.

Rosa Parks

Alzheimer’s Disease in the family: If any member of the immediate family has been diagnosed with the condition such as a parent, uncle, aunt, cousin, brother, sister, or child, then a person is twice or three times as likely to develop the disease once they get to the age of 65 or beyond.

Alzheimer’s Disease does not discriminate for or against people who are rich and famous because it can happen to anyone. This deadly disease claims around 23,000 American lives per year. If a person is at risk for it, then this is a conversation they need to have with their primary care physician and their loved ones.