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Famous People with Bipolar Disorder

Famous People with
Bipolar Disorder

Famous people with bipolar disorder are listed here. Some of the celebrities and notables listed here can also be found on the famous people with mental illness list.

Famous People with Bipolar Disorder
Buzz Aldrin
It used to be called manic depression because of the alternating manic and depressive episodes.

Some people have a tendency towards one but not as much of the other and some experience both symptoms. But, within the last decade or so, the term bipolar has been used as the norm.

Frank Sinatra

Marilyn Monroe

Famous and notable people with bipolar disorder have achieved much over time and span the careers of Hollywood actors and actresses, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, writers, politicians and athletes. Some of the stars, celebs and notables believed, from their own accounts or the accounts of others, (but not confirmed) to have suffered from bipolar disorder include Buzz Aldrin, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe.

List of Famous People with Bipolar Disorder

Buzz Aldrin
Adam Ant
Ned Beatty
Ludwig Von Beethoven
Russell Brand
Chris Brown
Art Buchwald
Tim Burton
Amanda Bynes
Jim Carey
Dick Cavett
Winston Churchill
Rosemary Clooney
Kurt Cobain
Francis Ford Coppola
John Daly
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Ray Davies
Charles Dickens
Robert Downey Jr.
Richard Dreyfuss
Kitty Dukasis
Patty Duke
Thomas Eagleton
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Carrie Fisher
Larry Flynt
Connie Francis
Stephen Fry
Peter Gabriel
Kaye Gibbons
Mel Gibson
Vincent Van Gogh
Phil Graham
Graham Greene
Shecky Greene
Peter Gregg
Linda Hamilton
George Handel
George Fredrick Handel
Mariette Hartley
Ernest Hemingway
Jimi Hendrix
Abbie Hoffman
Jack Irons
Jesse Jackson, Jr.
Catherine Zeta-Jones
John Keats
Margot Kidder
Vivien Leigh
Bill Lichtenstein
Jack London
Demi Lovato
Kevin McDonald
Kristy McNichol
Burgess Meredith
Spike Milligan
Marilyn Monroe
Edvard Munch
Robert Munsch
Ilie Nastase
Friedrich Nietzsche
Florence Nightingale
Kim Novak
Sinéad O’Connor
Jane Pauley
Jimmy Piersail
Sylvia Plath
Edgar Allen Poe
Jackson Pollock
Charley Pride
Jeannie C. Riley
Lynne Rivers
Theodore Roethke
Theodore Roosevelt
Axl Rose
Francesco Scavullo
Robert Schumann
Frances Sherwood
DMX Earl Simmons
Don Simpson
Frank Sinatra
Phil Spector
Dusty Springfield
Ben Stiller
Darryl Strawberry
Gene Tierney
Margaret Trudeau
Ted Turner
Mark Twain
Tracy Ullman
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Tom Waits
Robin Williams
Brian Wilson
Amy Winehouse
Jonathon Winters
Virginia Woolf
Townes Van Zandt

As one can see from this distinguished list of famous people with bipolar disorder this disease didn’t hold them back from achievement and doesn’t have to hold anyone else back as well.

Catherine Zeta Jones sought treatment for bipolar II disorder in April 2011 and again in April 2013. Jones blamed stress for her hospital stay in 2011 as her husband, movie star Michael Douglas was diagnosed with throat cancer.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Actress Linda Hamilton who starred in the first two Terminator movies has talked openly and publically about being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Hamilton said she was diagnosed when she was younger but denied treatment until she turned 40-years-old.

British comedian Russell Brand disclosed in his autobiography My Booky Wook that he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in addition to being addicted to drugs and suffering from bulimia. Brand credits Transcendental Meditation for helping to ground him.

Prognosis …

With the proper diagnosis and treatment the stars, celebs and other notables with bipolar disorder simply “continue to be” and live life along a manageable path. And that goes for the rest of us, as well.