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Famous People with COPD

Famous People with COPD

COPD is a chronic lung condition (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) that affects many individuals, but has no cure. This is a very unglamorous disease (in the USA it includes emphysema and chronic obstructive bronchitis) that involves wheezing, coughing and chronic breathing problems, but this disease is normally self-inflicted. Many sufferers of COPD are smokers who developed the condition due to their bad habit. But not everyone who has been diagnosed with COPD is a smoker.

Johnny Carson
Like most diseases, COPD doesn’t discriminate and affects famous people and regular individuals at the same rate.

Therefore, it is a common human disease that affects everyone similarly, but can be treated through different courses of treatment.

List of Famous People Who Have / Had COPD

Loni Anderson
Tallulah Bankhead
Samuel Beckett
Leonard Bernstein
Walter Brennan
William F. Buckley, Jr.
Harry Carey
Johnny Carson
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
King Edward VII
T. S. Eliot
Alan Ford
King George V of England
Arthur Godfrey
Frank Gorshin
John Huston
Don Imus
Spike Jones
Boris Karloff
Dean Martin
Robert Mitchum
Garry Moore
Alfred Newman
Leonard Nimoy
Pat Nixon
Johnny Paycheck
Vincent Price
Jerry Reed
Del Reeves
R.J. Reynolds, Jr.
R.J. Reynolds III
Dusty Rhodes
Norman Rockwell
Chris Schenkel
Allan Sherman
Barbara Stanwyck
Maureen Stapleton
Gene Tierney
Ernest Tubb
Forrest Tucker
Christy Turlington
Bill Wilson
Amy Winehouse
Dick York

Since smoking is the leading cause of this condition, many notable people that have been diagnosed with COPD are former smokers. Johnny Carson, Dean Martin and Christy Turlington are just a few of the celebrities that have been diagnosed with this condition throughout the years. However, these stars have made their condition public to raise awareness and ensure that a cure for this condition is one day found.

Although these celebrities have more star quality, they still suffer from this disease in the same way that average individuals struggle with this chronic disease. This lung condition often progresses over time and transforms into emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Since no cure is known, this condition is the fourth leading cause of death and can kill celebrities as well as normal individuals, because in reality everyone is human. This is a life threatening condition for all that suffer from it and the symptoms only worsen over time.

COPD sufferers are urged to avoid all activity that causes breathing to speed up, because this will only worsen your symptoms. Even daily chores can leave sufferers out of breath and stars like Johnny Carson and Dean Martin had to learn how to cope with these symptoms.

T. S. Eliot


Often times, famous people are put on a pedestal and seen as immortal, but in the end we are all human and COPD is a reality from many. Many celebrities with this condition do use their status to promote COPD awareness and keep other people from developing the harmful habit of smoking.