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Famous People with Heart Disease

Famous People with
Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the most common forms of ailments people suffer from. In many countries of the world, heart disease accounts for the most natural deaths. Many cutting edge advancements in medical science has happened recently which have led to treatments for various types of heart disease that were erstwhile unavailable.

Bill Clinton
However, that has still not been able to counter the widespread prevalence of heart disease.

List of Famous People Who Have / Had Heart Disease

Grace Allen
Mel Blanc
Toni Braxton
James Cagney
John Candy
George Carlin
Hoagy Carmichael
Dick Cheney
Bill Clinton
James Coburn
Howard Cosell
Noel Coward
Joan Crawford
Bing Crosby
Phyllis Diller
Mike Ditka
John Entwistle
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Henry Fonda
Jerry Garcia
Jennie Garth
Benny Goodman
Kelsey Grammer
Andy Griffith
J. Edgar Hoover
Shemp Howard
Al Jolson
Star Jones
Danny Kaye
Larry King
Tommy Lasorda
David Letterman
Jerry Lewis
Bela Lugosi
Bret Michaels
Carmen Miranda
Rosie O’Donnell
Roy Orbison
Maureen O’Sullivan
Regis Philbin
George Plimpton
Richard Pryor
Burt Reynolds
Charlie Rose
John Steinbeck
Elizabeth Taylor
Mel Tillis
Spencer Tracy
Alex Trebek
Johnny Unitas
Luther Vandross
Barbara Walters
Jack Webb
Shaun White
Robin Williams

Some of the famous people who had a certain type of heart disease include Barbara Walters, Bill Clinton, Larry King, Dick Cheney, David Letterman, Toni Braxton, Robin Williams, Regis Philbin, Burt Reynolds, Bret Michaels, Jennie Garth, Kelsey Grammer, Charlie Rose, Elizabeth Taylor, Alex Trebek, John Candy, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jerry Garcia, Andy Griffith, Star Jones, Henry Fonda and John Steinbeck among others.

As the list of these famous people will tell you, heart disease has no precedence or specific precursors. It can affect any, irrespective of gender, lifestyle, financial or social status and age.

Larry King

It’s Not Just the Elderly Who Are Effected …

There are millions of kids in the world with different types of heart disease that are usually considered to be common among the elderly. Some kids are born with heart disease while others may develop a condition for myriad reasons.

Many famous people have succumbed to a heart disease despite there being adequate medical care and urgent medical intervention. Trying to care for the heart and living a healthy lifestyle is the only thing anyone can do to avert any type of heart ailments.

No One Is Exempt …

Heart disease is often considered to be a condition that affects people who do not have access to healthcare and who do not get appropriate medical attention. That is not really the case. Even the most privileged and the most educated in the developed countries of the world are as prone to a heart disease as someone in a developing or underdeveloped country battling with poverty and having no formal education.

Toni Braxton

Conclusion …

There are various types of heart disease. Some are fatal while some are chronic. A heart disease typically is life threatening or life altering at the least. Only a few lucky people manage to overcome heart disease and live a normal life usually through medical intervention that may include surgery and medication. The key is to get diagnosed in time. Many types of heart disease have treatments if caught in time.


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