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Famous People with Insomnia

Famous People with Insomnia

Sometimes we glamorize celebrities and assume that famous people are somehow immune to common conditions and diseases that affect others. However, celebrity only adds to stress for some individuals and makes it more difficult for them to cope with their problems.

Insomnia is a common condition that affects many people and is especially prevalent among the rich, the famous, celebrities and other notables.

Michael Jackson

Individuals with insomnia have difficulty sleeping for nights at a time. Sleep is necessary to your overall health and a lack of sleep can lead to serious health issues.

List of Famous People with Insomnia

Tallulah Bankhead
Napoleon Bonaparte
Sandra Bullock
Robert Burns
Winston Churchill
Bill Clinton
George Clooney
Miley Cyrus
Charles Dickens
Marlene Dietrich
Alexandre Dumas
Thomas Edison
W. C. Fields
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Benjamin Franklin
Lady Gaga
Judy Garland
Vincent Van Gogh
Cary Grant
Jimi Hendrix
Arianna Huffington
Michael Jackson
Franz Kafka
Heath Ledger
Abraham Lincoln
Amy Lowell
Groucho Marx
Marilyn Monroe
Sir Isaac Newton
Marcel Proust
Theodore Roosevelt
William Shakespeare
Jessica Simpson
Anna Nicole Smith
Margaret Thatcher
Mark Twain

Many people with insomnia suffer from excess stress and can’t stop their mind from thinking and racing long enough to fall asleep. This condition is especially common among younger celebrities and notables at the height of their careers. Michael Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland are just some of the celebrities that have suffered from this sleep related condition.

However, insomnia affects all sufferers in the same manner and can sometimes even be more noticeable in famous people. Celebrities are often under added stress to be thin and to appear a certain way. These demands can become overwhelming and lead to sleepless nights.

Madonna has had insomnia for years

Most of the famous people mentioned above have died at an early age, which is common among insomniacs. Insomnia has been linked to drug addictions, because many sufferers turn to sleeping pills to control their condition.

The symptoms of insomnia are the same among all sufferers, but the severity of the symptoms depends on the individual.

The common causes of insomnia are broad, but can affect all humans in some capacity. Causes are described as additional work stress, emotional un-fulfillment, medications for other conditions or depression. There are also diseases than can cause insomnia such as hypothyroidism, osteoarthritis, allergies, asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure and Parkinson’s disease.

There is also a diagnosis of primary insomnia where there are no other known causes for the condition, just the condition itself.

William Shakespeare

For those celebs without primary insomnia, the causes are only exacerbated, because of the high degree of scrutiny that the famous are under. In the end, all humans are looking for fulfilment and peace of mind that can lead to peaceful sleep.

Stress and daily activities can lead to the inability to sleep properly. However, treatments for this condition should always be monitored, because sleeping pill use can lead to addiction. This addiction is common among famous people, but it can happen to any individual.