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Famous People with Kidney Disease

Famous People with
Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is a serious problem affecting over 4.4 million people in the United States. The kidneys are vital organs in the body as they filter waste especially urea from blood and later excrete it together with water in urine.

Steven Spielberg
It is of paramount importance that the kidneys work well for the body to function at its optimum capacity.

All human beings are at risk of getting kidney disease. It does not matter whether a person is tall, short, famous, rich or poor.

List of Famous People Who Have Had Kidney Disease

Chester A. Arthur
Isaac Asimov
Edgar Bergen
Sarah Bernhardt
Manute Bol
Erma Bombeck
Ernest Borgnine
Art Buchwald
Julia Child
Steven Cojocaru
Buffalo Bill Cody
Natalie Cole
Gary Coleman
Howard Cosell
Sandra Dee
Dom DeLuise
Emily Dickinson
Marlene Dietrich
Sean Elliott
Freddy Fender
Bobby Fischer
Greta Garbo
Robin Gibb
Jean Harlow
Alfred Hitchcock
Howard Hughes
Chiang Kai-shek
C. S. Lewis
George Lopez
Douglas MacArthur
Norman Mailer
Walter Matthau
Ferdinand Marcos
Wahoo McDaniel
James A. Michener
Tracy Morgan
Alonso Mourning
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Laurence Olivier
Oscar Peterson
Cole Porter
Billy Preston
George P. Putnam
Lee Remick
George Bernard Shaw
Neil Simon
Stephen Spielberg
Barry White

There are many famous people who are known to have had or still have the disease also called renal failure. This ranges from actors, musicians, writers to world acclaimed composers. Some of them are still alive while others have died.

Oscar-winning director Stephen Spielberg (pictured above) had a kidney removed during surgery in February 2000. Doctors had found an “irregularity” during a routine exam.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (pictured below) was a famous composer who died in 1791. He most likely died of kidney failure. He composed some of the most beautiful classical music in the world. His work is still being played and studied by other famous composers to date. His contributions in the music industry shaped what many people have come to know as classical music.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Julia Child was a chef whose mastery of the kitchen and culinary skills won her the adoration of many. She died in 2004 as a result of kidney failure. Barry White was a soulful singer who had millions of fans. He was popular in the 70s and he recorded many albums in that period. He was a dialysis patient and died in 2003 of kidney failure.

Erma Bombeck was a famous columnist, humorist and writer who died of complications after having a kidney transplant. She suffered from polycystic kidney disease which is a hereditary ailment. The fact that she battled cancer and was in remission during the time of her transplant has made some people believe that she died of cancer. However, the truth is that she died from kidney complications.

Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole (pictured above) is a talented singer and entertainer. She is the daughter of the legendary Nat King Cole. She had hepatitis and received chemotherapy for it. It destroyed her kidneys which necessitated her to undergo dialysis for some time. She had a kidney transplant and is now doing okay.

James Michener was a prolific author of moving sagas such as The Drifters, Hawaii and Centennial. He had been receiving dialysis treatments for four years. He died when he was 90 years old in 1997 of kidney failure.

So, you see, kidney disease can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Regular checkups with your physician, however, can reduce the risk.


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