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Famous People with Learning Disabilities

Famous People with
Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities are more common than believed. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, autism and Asperger’s syndrome among others are just some of the many conditions that cause learning disabilities.

George Washington
In most cases, people develop or have these learning disabilities at a very tender age, when they are expected to study, perform well in school, compete with others and create the foundation for a successful future.

Albert Einstein was thought to be mentally retarded and this was not just the opinion of the society but also his parents. Did anyone imagine that the man would go on to be a defining factor in the world of science? He is regarded as one of the brightest minds in the history of mankind and he was a sufferer of what is today known as Asperger’s syndrome.

List of Famous People with Learning Disabilities

Princess Beatrice
Harry Belafonte
Alexander Graham Bell
Tony Bennett
Napoleon Bonaparte
Terry Bradshaw
Sir Richard Branson
Erin Brockovich
Lewis Carroll
James Carville
Winston Churchill
Agatha Christie
Anderson Cooper
Tom Cruise
Walt Disney
Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Fannie Flagg
Bill Gates (maybe)
Danny Glover
Whoopi Goldberg
Woody Harrelson
Salma Hayek
John Irving
Thomas Jefferson
John F. Kennedy
John Lennon
Jay Leno
Steve McQueen
Edward James Olmos
Louis Pasteur
George Patton
Nelson Rockefeller
Charles Schwab
George C. Scott
George Bernard Shaw
Tommy Smothers
Suzanne Somers
Sylvester Stallone
Jackie Stewart
Vince Vaughn
Jules Vern
Leonardo Da Vinci
Lindsay Wagner
George Washington
Robin Williams
Woodrow Wilson
Henry Winkler

Alexander Graham Bell, another iconic man and possibly one of the most famous people who scripted a new technological revolution of the world we now know, suffered from dyslexia. He was a poor learner and struggled with traditional schooling. Imagine a world without the telephone which he invented. The mobile, smart phone, internet and nothing in regards to communication as we know it may have been around.

Sir Richard Branson

Autistic License …

There are many famous people who had learning disabilities. Napoleon Bonaparte was autistic and he was one of the greatest military strategists in the history of the world. Richard Branson, a man who made his billions on his own accord, has publicly said that he had dyslexia and perhaps that is the reason why he sees the world differently.

Write Right …

Agatha Christie is one of those famous people who not only had a global influence but inspired thousands of writers to hone their skills. She had dysgraphia. She struggled to understand written words. It is an irony of life that a person who had a learning problem of understanding written words would go onto write the most amazing mysteries weaved into words.

Walt Disney

Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Tom Cruise, John F Kennedy and John Lennon are just some of the many famous people who had difficulties with learning.

Conclusion …

Kids with learning disabilities are looked down upon, they are bullied, they lack self-confidence, feel odd about their inability to do things the way others do and they are also discouraged, often misunderstood and even castaway in many cases. Societies have steadily realized that learning disabilities are not only common but also that they are not something that don’t have to get in the way of people becoming successful and famous.