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Famous People with Leukemia

Famous People with Leukemia

This is a list of famous people with leukemia. This list is not all inclusive as I am working on filling out the list. But, as you can see it is a good start. Many famous people have leukemia and are currently battling the disease. I have another page for famous people with cancer that shows a bigger list.

Famous People with Leukemia
Bill Walsh
Others have died from leukemia and these famous people are listed as well. If you have any more famous people with leukemia for this list please send it in as I hope to make this the most comprehensive list possible.

Famous People with Leukemia

Singer Mary Travers who was part of the 1960’s band Peter, Paul and Mary has been battling leukemia since 2004. Marie Curie (pictured below) who with her husband Pierre in 1898 discovered radium, a radioactive element.

Broadcast journalist Ed Bradley who worked for CBS News at its “60 Minutes” TV show. Mr. Bradley won 19 Emmy awards in his 25 year career. Bill Walsh (pictured above) who was famous pro football head coach of the San Franscisco 49’ers died of leukemia at age 75.

Actor Evan Handler has written a book about living with leukemia. Opera singer, José Carreras has been in remission from leukemia since the 1980’s. Bruno Kirby known for his role as a sidekick in city slickers to Billy Crystal died of leukemia at the age of 57.

Some of the world famous politicians who have died of leukemia include Claude Gernade Bowers, Louis Mayer, Jesse A. Younger, William N. Greer, William C. Bullitt, Nicholas Coleman, Daniel Fordice, Craig Thomas and Winfield Schuster.

Marie Curie

Still others include …

Michael Brecker, famous jazz saxophonist
Robin Bush, Daughter of President George H.W. Bush
Susan Butcher, the Winner of Iditarod Trail sled dog race
John Allan Cameron a Celtic Musician
Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran
Jason Blake of the Toronto Maple Leafs
As you can see, many famous people including celebrities and other notables such as politicians and scientists either have leukemia or have died from the disease. The saying around here is that famous people are human too and are susceptible to the same diseases and conditions as everyone else. In some ways this connects all of humanity without regard to age, race, religion, fame, fortune or social status.