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Famous People with Liver Disease

Famous People with
Liver Disease

There is a large portion of famous people who have been affected by liver disease just like many other people. This includes hepatitis C, transplants, cancer and cirrhosis.

Steven Tyler
Depending on the cause, the problems can develop suddenly or over a long duration even over several decades.

The liver in most cases gets overlooked until something goes wrong. This is usually the time when the liver has been damaged or infected. It is the largest organ in the human body and has multiple functions including the production of bio-chemicals necessary for digestion, detoxification and protein synthesis.

List of Famous People with Liver Disease

Gregg Allman
Pamela Anderson
Eddie Arcaro
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Rolf Benirschke
George Best
Raymond Burr
Natalie Cole
David Crosby
Dock Ellis
Freddy Fender
Tennessee Ernie Ford
Kahlil Gibran
Robin Gibb
Allen Ginsberg
Jackie Gleason
“Superstar” Billy Graham
Sir Alec Guiness
Larry Hagman
Doug Henning
O. Henry
Dusty Hill
James Hilton
Al Hirt
Billie Holiday
Etta James
Naomi Judd
Danny Kaye
Jack Kerouac
Jack Kevorkian
Evel Knievel
Veronica Lake
Michael Landon
Nicolette Larson
Peter Lawford
Linda Lovelace
Henry Mancini
Mickey Mantle
Jim Nabors
Chuck Negron
Charlie Parker
Walter Payton
John Phillips
Franklin Pierce
James Earl Ray
Lou Reed
Keith Richards
Kenny Rogers
Robert Schimmel
Patrick Swayze
Steven Tyler
Flip Wilson

Liver disease has been known to affect many people regardless of whether they are rich or belong to the middle or lower class. Some of the most famous individuals who suffer or have suffered from it include Steve Jobs (pictured below), Naomi Judd and Mickey Mantle. These are individuals who have made major contributions in the world. They are known for their brilliance and achievements.

Steve Jobs

There are cases where you may experience symptoms of liver problems once your liver has been significantly damaged, which in turn increases your chances of getting complications. The causes of liver problems include infectious diseases and lifestyle factors. Drugs such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen, medicines that lower cholesterol, synthetic steroids and drugs that are illegal such as methamphetamine can cause liver complications if they are abused or overused. Alcohol is also a big contributor to liver disease.

You can do a lot to prevent liver problems by simply shaping up your lifestyle. People who eat fatty foods and do not exercise stand a higher chance of developing problems. This is because fats may accumulate in the liver and one can get liver disease as a result.

The consumption of excess alcohol (cirrhosis) or the heavy use of tobacco can damage your liver. If you drink alcohol and smoke tobacco you will suffer from liver problems at a faster rate. You should always watch what you consume.

Viral infections like hepatitis A, B and C can give your liver complications. This ranges from temporary inflammation, cancer, to liver failure. There are some genetic disorders that you may have inherited such as Gilbert Syndrome, Wilson’s disease and hemochromatosis that can cause liver problems as you get older. In addition, Digestive disorders of your pancreas, gallbladder or the ducts that are responsible for linking your liver with other organs can cause complications in your liver, which can lead to liver failure (if you don’t get urgent treatment).

Pam Anderson

Some of the people still alive and living with liver disease include Pam Anderson (pictured above), Natalie Cole, Naomi Judd, Kenny Rogers, David Crosby, Keith Richards and Steven Tyler (pictured at top).

So, you see that some diseases of the liver are preventable while others are not. Stars, celebs and other notables are not immune to liver disease, or its causes and cures, either.


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