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Famous People with MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

Famous People with MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

Famous people with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) are listed on this page. As one can see with a quick glance, the onset of MS, a neurological disorder, does not necessarily mean that one cannot live a full life.

The symptoms and severity differ for different people. The famous people with MS listed on this page were able to achieve in spite of their illness, so there is hope for others as well.
Famous People with MS
Richard Pryor

List of Famous People with MS

Jacqueline Creed Archer
Javier Artero
Louise Arters
April Arvan
Stan Belinda
Richard Berghammer
Jackie Bertone
Michael Blake
Bill Bradbury
Rachelle Breslow
Nicky Broyd
Martin Bruch
Deborah Bruening
Clive Burr
Dan Carnevale
Neil Cavuto
Donal Coghlan
Richard Cohen
Sean Coman
Carrel Cowan-Ricks
Roland Cloutier
Betty Cuthbert
Deanna Davis
Denise Davis
Joan Didion
Wayne Dobson
Deborah Downey
Khiawatha Downey
Michel Dupuis
Michael R. Duval
Stanley Elkin
Donna Fargo
Lola Folana
Bryan Forbes
Michael Frimkess
Annette Funicello
Roman Gabriel
Teri Garr
Sarah P. Gibbs
Brenda Gildehaus
Marianne Gingrich
Chrystal Gomes
Beverly Graham
Judy Graham
Judy Grahn
Nicola Griffith
Robin Gurr
William Hartnell
Joseph Hartzler
Eve Hayes
Heinrich Heine
Stewart Henry
Lucien Hervé
Jimmy Heuga
Lena Horne
Alastair Hignell
Jennifer Huget
David Humm
Frieda Inescort
Brian Irvine
Valerie Jankowski Skrabut
Barbara Jordan
Jonathan Katz
Hal Ketchum
Johnny Killen
Susan Kisslinger
Stanley Knowles
David “Squiggy” Lander
Carl Laemmle, Jr.
Ronnie Lane
James LaRocca
Melanie Lawson
Margaret Leighton
Wendy Lill
Kathryn Lindskoog
Ernie McAlister
Roger MacDougall
Nancy Mairs
Natalie Mandzhavidze
Maureen Manley
Emily Mann
Diana Markham
John Medica
Maxine Mesinger
Laura Mitchell
Mary Mullarkey
John Mythen
William Newman
Ken Novak
Paul Novoselick
Cindy O’Connor
Alan Osmond
Jim Oelschlager
John Pageler
Lisa Peck
Jim Poulin
Richard Pryor
Richard Queen
Richard Radtke
Jacques Raverat
Adam Riedy
Madeline Rhue
John Robson
Doug Robinson
Fausto Rocha
Ronald Rogers
Wendy Carol Roth
James Scofield
Eric Simons
Dean Singleton
Keith Snyder
Henry Steele
Stephanie Stephens
Kevin Stevenson
Karen G. Stone
Kelly Sutton
Joan Sweeney
Mike Szymanski
Mitch Terpstra
Bobby Thompson
Joe Torsella
Larry Tucker
Yury Tynianov
Norah Vincent
Wally Wakefield
Jackie Waldman
Clay Walker
Danny Wallace
Clifford T. Ward
Rich Warden
Robert “Wingnut” Weaver
Maggie Weder
Cathy Weis
Paul Wellstone
Stephen White
Paul Willey
Montel Williams
Victoria Williams
Victor Willing
Paul Wolfskehl

As one can see by this long list of famous people with MS, it is a particularly crowded field with this disease. But, just because one contracts MS does not mean that with early diagnosis and treatment that one cannot live a full life.

Comedian Richard Pryor (pictured above) was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1986. He lived with MS for nearly 20 years before succumbing to a heart attack in 2005 in Encino, California.

Talk show host Montel Williams (pictured below) was diagnosed with MS in 1999. In 1996 he received a Daytime Emmy Award for The Montel Williams Show. Now, Williams is the national spokesperson for the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) which helps low-income people receive prescription drugs free or at reduced costs.


Montel Williams

Actress Teri Garr (pictured below) acknowledged publicly in 2002 that she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. After recovering from a brain aneurism two years earlier, in 2008, Garr appeared, without a wheelchair, on the David Letterman show to promote the movie Expired. Garr is a spokesperson for both Society’s Women Against MS and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Teri Garr

The celebrities and other notables on this page have achieved much in spite of having Multiple Sclerosis. You and your loved ones can, too.

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