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Famous People with OCD

Famous People with OCD

(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Famous people with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) are listed upon this page. One can see from a short glance at this list that many of the celebrities come from the entertainment industry.

But, there are also a couple of important theorists and inventors who also have / had OCD on the list, plus a bunch who we suspect have the condition that have been left out because, at this point, it is only speculation.
Famous People with OCD
Harrison Ford

List of Famous People with OCD

Jessica Alba
Alec Baldwin
Roseanne Barr
David Beckham
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Penelope Cruz
Charles Darwin
Cameron Diaz
Leonardo DiCaprio
Fred Durst
Albert Einstein
Harrison Ford
Megan Fox
Kathie Lee Gifford
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Howard Hughes
Thomas Jackson
Stanley Kubrick
Michael Jackson
Howie Mandel
Martin Scorsese
Charlie Sheen
Howard Stern
Marc Summers
Nikola Tesla
Charlize Theron
Billy Bob Thornton
Justin Timberlake
Donald Trump
Warren Zevon

In the movie, “As Good as It Gets” Jack Nicholson plays a character with an extreme case of OCD. He is especially phobic about germs. Jack Nicolson’s character also had a wonderful career as an author on his hands and managed to work around his condition.

Howie Mandel

In 2009, Howie Mandel went public with the fact that he has obsessive-compulsive disorder (pictured above). The host of the Deal or No Deal TV game show has stated that germs are one of his obsessions, which is why he prefers not to be touched (or he will fist bump instead of shaking hands). Mandel also appeared on the TV show Dog Whisperer with his small canine Little Lola which he doesn’t like to touch because of his OCD issues.

Howard Stern knows the feeling. He states in his book Miss America that he can’t turn on the car radio without tapping the dial a certain number of times. He says in college that he set up many rituals that helped to distract him from fear.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

The other stars, celebs and notables with OCD listed on this page have also learned to work around their conditions and have gone onto fame and most to fortune as well.